— A comprehensive yet simple solution to maximize the distribution of your music —

 — Over 20 years of experience in planning and strategy with indie labels artists and distributors of all types —

 — Help in making sense of the processes and logistics of getting music and video everywhere it needs to be at digital retail —

 — Access to over 600 online retailers and streaming services around the world, plus hundreds of physical retail stores —

 — Dozens of strong personal relationships with the key online outlets and the distribution services responsible for placing music and video on websites —


   In modern digital distribution it's fairly easy to make your music available on a few major sites. The question is, now what? And which sites are really important to reach the artist's fans? You need to know how, what, why and when to push and promote your music to take advantage of your new release, press, promotional, marketing, fan and touring efforts. We deeply distribute to over 600 music, mobile and video services worldwide, and each digital service is different, it's a shape-shifting business, that changes constantly. We're on top of it so you can do what you do best.


  These days securing across-the-board physical distribution for a smaller label or individual artist is next to impossible. That's why we've developed an access based solution, that will make your records available to record stores in the areas that are most important to you. From the smallest brick and mortar store to the largest big box chain, we have the ability to take your music to market.


 We have relationships with various Licensing, Branding, Press, Radio, Art/Design, Pressing Plants, Law, Accounting, Publishing, Lifestyle, Printing, Mastering Facilities, and Social Networking companies - we have the contacts and connections to fill your needs and help you grow.


  Sound Distribution Strategies seamlessly bridges the gap between labels or artists and any online retailer, streaming service or brick & mortar store providing music and video to fans. SDS won't stop at just getting your music into the right places; our specialty is working with labels and artists that have music that needs to be heard, but limited time and personnel to manage it. Whether it’s a small label or a hard-working artist who’s doing it on their own, we can help. We leverage our decades of experience and strong personal relationships with insiders to maximize sales and placement for music in the complex and constantly evolving world of distribution - in short, we're the missing pieces an artist or small label needs to succeed.

  Together, our team has worked all aspects of the industry: sales, marketing, label management, branding, production, legal, licensing, and more. Whatever you're lacking we can provide it; we work with some of the most talented indie music people in the business. To get your music on a few sites is relatively easy these days, but to plan an overall strategy and to understand what to do next both before and after your music is made available is where the special skills of SDS comes into play.

  We have over 20 years of big-picture and in-the-trenches independent music distribution savvy. The music industry landscape has never been more challenging (or at the same time filled with potential for anyone to succeed), and for labels and artists with limited resources it's hard/impossible to do it all on their own. We're experts in digital and physical distribution, we know how to connect the dots, and we can help you sell more. We're music heads, and listen to and appreciate all types. Having worked in and with distribution so closely, we've been a part of successful alternative, hip hop, dance, reggae, rock, punk, metal, comedy, jazz, experimental, world, blues, folk, funk, psych and most every other type of campaign you can imagine. Rest assured, you can't just throw it out there, you need a strategy.


Some of our Artists:
2814, Angel Olsen, Ausmuteants, Beach Slang, Beans, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Bell Witch, Ben Aqua, Brett, Chuck Johnson, Count Counsellor, Daniel Bachman, Dead Moon, Debo Band, Deep Listening Band, Destruction Unit, Digital Leather, Dirty Beaches, Donovan Woods, D/P/I, Earth, electric eels / The Styrenes / Mirrors, Eric Gaffney, Eskimeaux, Faces, Foodman, The Frowning Clouds, Funeral Advantage, Hayden Pedigo, High-Functioning Flesh, Idiot Glee, Iron Chic, Jad Fair, Japanese Breakfast, Japanther, Jelani Blackman, Jerry Paper, John Vanderslice, Kara-Lis Coverdale, King Dude, Laurie Spiegel, Love As Laughter, Matt Duncan, Marisa Anderson, Mecca Normal, Merchandise, Miserable, Moonbounce, Nadia Reid, Peaking Lights, Pelican, Pierced Arrows, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, The Range of Light Wilderness, The Rip Offs, Spray Paint, Supercharger, S U R V I V E, Tomemitsu, Toys That Kill, Tyvek, Traxman, Ubre Blanca, We Are Temporary, Wharton Tiers, White Poppy, William Alexander, Wipers / Greg Sage, Wolf Eyes, You'll Never Get to Heaven...

Some of our Labels: